82% of students demonstrated leadership skills
73% of youth displayed improved self-esteem
70% of youth displayed more positive behavior

Adolescence is a very delicate stage in a students’ life. This is where students decide which direction they will go. It is important to guide them down the correct path and place them on the right track to succeed. This program works with middle school students in grades 6-8. We educate students and develop skills necessary for success as they transition into their teenage years. We aim help the LEARN, ASPIRE, feel EMPOWERED, and DEVELOP their full potential. Examples of our educational workshops include:

  • Core Academic Skill Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Identity
  • College & Career Exposure

Workshops are based around group discussion, role playing and interactive activities. We pull influential community members to come in and speak about their experiences as well. Fieldtrips will focus on arts/culture, history education and overall exposure.

Some of the lessons we have provided in the past:

  1. Dealing with Peer Pressure
  2. Staying on a Path for College
  3. Who Am I (Self-Identity)
  4. Priorities and Decision Making
  5. Work, Work, Work
  6. STUDENT/Athlete

What Youth Are Saying

“I learned you can have self-esteem and self-confidence in anything you want to do.”

Corey, Age 12