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Tachelle took some time to share more about herself and why she is involved with Mentor2Youth


1. Where are you from? A little short bio about yourself.

I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University and my major is Criminal Justice. I am the type of person that would love to go outside and play kickball then head over to the nail salon to get my nails done. I am very open-minded, passionate, dedicated and very empathetic. Some of my favorite things to do is meeting new people and experiencing new things. Volunteering is my passion and I will start my own organization one day that will focus on helping others. One thing you can always count on me for is a smile with a lot of love to give.

2. What does Mentoring mean to you?

Mentoring guides and influences a person to become better in any circumstance. There are two paths in life, a path to success and a path to destruction and mentoring is for the path to success. Mentoring provides tools, knowledge, love, care, resources, positivity and guidance to influence someone in a positive way. Mentoring is very important because it can really influence a great change in someone’s life. In high school, I attended a drug free program and I had the greatest mentors ever because they were fun, positive, great role-models and caring which made me want to be a better me. Years later, I now call one of my mentors, my big brother. Mentoring is not like a light switch where you can turn it on and off. Mentoring is a lifestyle.

3. How did you get involved with Mentor2Youth?

I got involved with Mentor2Youth because as I was looking through my schools website and I seen something about volunteering with kids. It immediately caught my attention. I wrote down the email and contacted Mentor2Youth and one thing led to another and I am now building strong bonds with wonderful, smart, fun kids.

4. What impact do you feel Mentor2Youth is having on the children and how has it helped you grow?

Mentor2Youth is having a major impact on the children. I feel like this place is an outlet for them to come, have fun and learn so much at the same time. The children are able to be themselves and not get judged which is really important. Mentor2Youth helps these children in all aspect in life, self-respect and respecting others, gaining knowledge on reading, math, problem solving, responsibility and much more. I have grown so much because I get to see life in a new perspective. These kids are so young but yet so smart. As a mentor I feel like just as much as I feed into them, they feed into me. Once I got to know the children, I knew I could not leave because there is so much to do to help them be the best that they can and will be. Mentor2Youth sees the best out of the children and that’s what I love most about this program.

5. What are your hopes for the organization and how do you feel people can support Mentor2Youth?

My hopes for this organization is that we are able to make dreams come true for each and every kid. For the kids that loves sports, allowing them to have the opportunity to see their favorite team play. For the kids that love arts, provide them with the tools they need so they can grow with their creativity, mind and talent. One thing I know is that everyone is different and so I hope that each difference is embraced so they can prosper and know that whatever their passion, talent, skill, dream can be accomplished. I hope that this organization is given more opportunities to have speakers come in and talk to the kids. I want to see this organization grow in more ways than I can think and I want to see these kids grow twice as more as this organization. I feel that people can support Mentor2Youth by donating money so we have more funds so we can provide and give the children everything that they deserve. Donating will help minimize limitations. Limits stop progress and all we want to see is progress. Also donating time, more mentors, speakers, board games, toys, journals, arts & crafts, basketball, any item that kids would love.