The Civil Engineer is the most vital clog in our development program.  The Civil Engineer helps us multiply the introduction of our program to the community and shares our vision and mission abroad.  The Civil Engineer has five objectives.  

  1. They make a 5 year commitment to the M2Y development plan.
  2. They attend three cultivation events per year:  The Fall Gala, One Bowl-a-Thon, and a Coordinated Site Visit.
  3. They are Suspension Cable Supporters ($135 annual financial pledge).
  4. They hosts two Ambassador meetings on behalf of Mentor2Youth. 
  5. They run a peer-to-peer campaign on behalf of Mentor2Youth which focuses on finding 2 Ambassadors, and the cultivation of 1 Anchorage Supporters($3-5k), 1 Tower Supporters($500), 3 Suspension Cable Supporters($135), 5 Suspender Supporters ($25), and 20 Deck Supporters ($10)

Now, let’s look at this scenario.  I become a Civil Engineer for Mentor2Youth.  I pledge $135 and 2 Ambassador meetings. I invite 10 people to each ambassador meeting.  Each person becomes a Deck Supporter, gifting $10. I have just raised $335 by being an ambassador. I launch out on my peer to peer campaign and 25 folks from my social network give $25 ($625) and become Suspender Supporter (10 of them were in my Deck network).  My company (my insurance agent, my attorney) has an account for community outreach and they buy a lane for the bowl-a-thon, so I just cultivated a Tower Foundation gift of $500. One of my Suspender Supporter has decided he will participate in the Bowl-a-thon and he is getting four people to come bowl with him for $100 per person. Now I have just created two Tower Foundation gifts for a total of $1,000. This one ambassador has just raised $1,960 by becoming a M2Y Civil Engineer (an original $135 pledge). They still have not cultivated a major gift of $3-5k.

Imagine if we had 100 Civil Engineers.  If we were to duplicate the above scenario 50 times we would raise $98,000. 

What if each engineer cultivated 2 new Civil Engineers from their Ambassador meetings. We would now have 300 Civil Engineers.  If two-thirds of our Civil Engineers duplicate the above scenario, we would approach $196,000.

That would be a budget to work with..