From our financial literacy program, Victoria shared, “I enjoyed the games and learning about how to spend smart and save money. I know what to do now when I make some!”

Took a few young men on a camping retreat to Howell Nature Center. Kisean, who is turning 17 this year, shared, “This is my first time leaving the county”.

Last day of our Future Leaders Academy. Tradeon (doing the back flip) shared at the end of summer camp, “I loved how we got to go outside, every time the mentors came, I learned something new”.

Shakira (on left) shared her thoughts on what makes Mentor2Youth different stating, “You guys [M2Y] work with kids who are rough around the edges, but really help them, you just don’t focus on kids who are already doing well.”

From our summer science program, a parent shared, “Didn’t know this was going on today but, I’m glad I stopped in, really enjoyed the activities and my kids had a great time. Hope you all do this again.”