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Eunicia (pictured far left) and Bailey (pictured right) are sisters who both joined Mentor2Youth around the same time more than 3 years ago. In the beginning, both were quite shy and timid.

Emmanuel shares, “I had to learn new methods of encouragement and positive reinforcement because, neither liked to speak in front of groups are even answer a question. They preferred to just be that fly on the wall.”

No longer is this the case. As Devan (site coordinator) shared, “When Eunicia and Bailey are in the room, others gravitate towards them.” They have both continued to blossom and grow as they work towards achieving their dreams. Eunicia wants to be an artist while Bailey wants to be a pediatrician in the future. Over the past few years, they have built not just great relationships with the mentors but also with their peers. “I have made plenty of friends, best friends through Mentor2Youth”, they both share. Bailey stated her favorite memory was going bowling last year, “we had a blast!” Eunicia feels her experiences in the program have helped her grow into becoming a better leader. No longer timid, M2Y recently was at Eunicia’s school play where she was cast in a lead role for the Lion King.

They come for many reasons but, the mentors always keep them engaged and smiling. “I feel the mentors are always nice and keep me in a happy mood”, Bailey shared. She feels they have helped her learn to be more respectful to others and continue to help her improve in school, specifically math. With smiles on their faces they always look forward to having fun at Mentor2Youth. If you ask them what makes Mentor2Youth different?

“It has a lot of fun activities to do and we do something new every day, it is never the same.”

With three more younger siblings, M2Y looks forward to working with the entire family for years to come.