83% of students displayed improved behavior
74% of students stated improved self-esteem
86% felt more confident

The best way to engage youth at the elementary level is to provide them with opportunities to apply their knowledge. This is what our program is about. We work with students in grades 2-5 providing weekly educational workshops covering a variety of topics.

Some of the areas we mentor in:

  • Leadership & Character Development
  • Social Skills Enrichment
  • Health & Fitness
  • School-to-Career Planning

We also provide opportunities for youth to experience life outside of their environment. Mentor2Youth conducts fieldtrips based around:

  • Exposure to new sports
  • College awareness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Fun and Excitement!

What Youth Are Saying

“We learned about our education and went on fieldtrips.”

Jymia, Age 9

“There is nothing I would change about this program, I love it already.”

Toris, Age 11