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Stewart Beal, owner of Beal Properties, grew up with a solid group of mentors that forever impacted his life in a positive manner.

Growing up, his father owned JC Beal Construction that his grandfather started, so he grew up in construction, surrounded by mentors that inspired him to pursue his own business goals.

“At 13, I started realizing you can trade labor for money, so odd jobs for my neighbors turned into a lawn care business that I later sold for $250,000 at the age of 19 with 400 customers. I used that money to invest in Ypsilanti real estate,” says Stewart Beal.

As a prominent figure in the community, he credits his success to having mentors in his life, positively shaping his success. Both his parents and grandparents were well-educated, hardworking individuals that allowed him to pursue his dreams. They invested in his business, and counseled him on all of the facets of life, from work to school. Now a successful real estate mogul in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area, he recognizes and supports the importance of Mentor2Youth.

“I recognize the value of having a good mentor and having supportive people around; someone to be there for [the students] and to help them out,” says Beal.

As an Ypsilanti resident, he’s passionate about giving back to the community. Beal feels that there needs to be a focus on education, and that’s why Mentor2Youth is so important for the youth of Washtenaw County.

“The school systems don’t have a lot of resources. So, if they partner with organizations like Mentor2Youth, this organization can help those children. That’s an important aspect of this organization,” says Beal. “I think college is key, so there should be a really strong focus on academics, but also recognizing that having a trade is very valuable. Students in the community may graduate with no experience or skills – that’s how I see Mentor2Youth – to get students to be prepared to get jobs.”

Currently, Beal has focused on renovating under-utilized properties in downtown Ypsilanti, passionate about rebooting the energy of the community. He recognizes and appreciates the beauty of Ypsilanti and seeks to aid in any efforts to invigorate the city. Be it in his renovations or contributions to Mentor2Youth, Beal is focused on positively impacting the community.


~S. Sine