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YpsilantiMarch 5, 2019 – Mentor2Youth has partnered with “Maureen James Community Enrichment” to host an interactive financial education series for elementary age students at Erickson Elementary, Parkridge Community Center and Chapelle Business Center. The program called “Financial YOU,” will occur weekly during afterschool hours and through the summer. The goal of Mentor2Youth and Maureen James Community Enrichment will be to raise awareness for the need for an increased financial literacy within the Ypsilanti community for youth.

Emmanuel, Founder of Mentor2Youth shared “Right now financial literacy programs are not readily present in our schools and for parents whom do not have the resources to teach their children these competencies, it can have a major impact on youth as they get older.  We want to be able to end the cycle of poverty through education.” Michael & Alaina Randall, Co-Founders of Maureen James LLC shared “We believe that by adding value to kids on a personal level, communities can develop and thrive. It’s our personal mission to enrich the lives of others, one class at a time.”


About Mentor2Youth

Mentor2Youth is a local youth agency based in Ypsilanti serving youth across Washtenaw County. It’s mission is to prepare youth to excel in life, academics and work. We have done this since 2011 serving more than 500 youth through our school-to-career pathway programs. Our goal is to provide a school-to-career pathway in Washtenaw County by 2022.

About Maureen James Community Enrichment

Maureen James Community Enrichment is a metro Detroit based business, which seeks to empower whole communities by providing seminars, classes and events for all ages. Alaina Maureen and Michael James Randall founded Maureen James LLC out of a shared passion to see communities grow and thrive. Maureen James Community Enrichment brings a wide range of talent and expertise to any organization looking to expand service offerings to the community in which they serve.