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During the 2016-2017 school year, M2Y had a new face join the group. Trent, well-spoken and polite, walked into our tutoring program one afternoon greeting the staff and his tutor Koumei. As Trent shared, when he first started eight months ago, he was really struggling in school.  “I come here to learn and to get better in school”, Trent pointed out as one of the reasons he joined M2Y. With the help of his tutor Koumei, Trent feels he is “on point” now in math, especially his multiplication and fractions. “I am doing way better now, turning in my homework on time, and on quizzes and tests.”

Since being here, Trent has had many memorable experiences but, a game of dodgeball sticks out to him the most. Cracking a smile as he answered, “everyone was laughing and just having a really fun time. It was really cool.” He sees Mentor2Youth being all about fun, education and hard work sharing, “It can be hard sometimes, but I still learn new things.” When asked what he aspired to be, Trent pondered for a few seconds then listed off his grandiose career path, “I want to be a dancer, snowboarder and NBA player. He shared he was upset when he missed the M2Y Annual Ski Trip due to having a cold, but looks forward to joining us for the first time in January. The sky is the limit for Trent as he stays on track to accomplish his goals and future aspirations.


“Koumei was my first tutor. He really taught me how to read”