The Bridge Anchors are located at each end of the bridge.  The main cables continue beyond the pillars to deck-level supports, and further continue to connections with anchors in the ground. These anchors provide the stability necessary to lift and hold the weight of an effective bridge.

Anchorage Gifts provide great Strategic and Operational impact. These supporters allow us to whether the vicissitudes of the economic climate and allow us to work without the constraints of emergency, reactive thinking. They come in two types. We have the $5k and above. Our goal is to cultivate 5 of these. We also have the $3k to $5k supporters. Our goal to cultivate 15 of these. These are major gifts in M2Y’s development plan.


The Bridge Towers are erected on top of the Tower foundations.

Where the towers are founded on underwater piers, caissons are sunk and any soft bottom is excavated for a foundation. If the bedrock is too deep to be exposed by excavation or the sinking of a caisson, pilings are driven to the bedrock or into overlying hard soil, or a large concrete pad to distribute the weight over less resistant soil may be constructed, first preparing the surface with a bed of compacted gravel. The piers are then extended above water level, where they are capped with pedestal bases for the towers. Where the towers are founded on dry land, deep foundation excavation or pilings are used. The Towers  are erected using high-strength reinforced concrete, stonework, or steel. Concrete is used most frequently in modern suspension bridge construction due to the high cost of steel.

Tower Gifts are annual gifts of $500 or more and are probably our most visible gifts. These gifts are most often given as part of the Bowl-A-Thons.  We will have two bowl-a-thons per year. If we sell out each bowl-a-thon for $500 per lane, we will meet our goal. We look to cultivate 80 tower gifts.


The Suspension Cable are the cables suspended between towers, (plus vertical suspender cables) carry the weight of the deck below, upon which traffic crosses. This arrangement allows the deck to be level or to arc upward for additional clearance. The suspension cables must be anchored at each end of the bridge, since any load applied to the bridge is transformed into a tension in these main cables. The main cables continue beyond the pillars to deck-level supports, and further continue to connections with anchors in the ground. 

Suspender Cable Gifts are an annual gift of $135 or more. These supporters create the cornerstone of our development program, as most of our Civil Engineers (Ambassadors) are Suspender Cable supporters. Though this gift may be a reach for some of our supporters, we know the impact towards our mission is worth it.  Our goal is to culture a minimum of 300 Suspender Gift Supporters. We also aim to cultivate 100 of these supporters into Ambassadors Program (Civil Engineers).


The Vertical Suspenders of the Bridge connect the deck to the Suspension Cables. This is an important aspect of bridge building as it helps to transfer the load and gives the bridge much needed strength. The roadway is supported by vertical suspender cables or rods, called hangers.

Suspender Gifts are $25 and above and are the foundation of Transportation, Field Trips, & Supplies. Our goal here is to cultivate 500 Suspender Supporters.


The Deck of the Bridge is the part of the bridge that actually carries people two and from.  Like the George Washington Bridge that connects Manhattan to New Jersey, we are building a double deck bridge.

Deck Gifts are the foundation of the Youth Council and the Parent Involvement Initiative. This is the entry level giving that we ask from all of our supporters. We ask everyone to become a M2Y Deck Supporter.  This is done by making an annual $10 donation. This support allows us to build the double decks of Student Empowerment and Parent involvement. This is a small amount but we cast a wide net. We are looking to cultivate 2000 supporters to reach our goal.