Become A Program Sponsor

Mentor2Youth is looking for local businesses to support our youth programs and community initiatives.

1. In-Kind Donations
2. Service Project Contributions
3. Financial Contributions

To learn more about how you can become one of our many partners. Please contact Emmanuel Jones at so we can discuss your interest.

Become A Matching Sponsor

Mentor2Youth looks for businesses to match our contributions in order to raise money to cover program and administrative expenses. We always are looking for local businesses willing to become matching sponsors.

1. Fieldtrip Sponsor
2. Event Sponsor
3. Campaign Sponsor

To learn more about our current projects and how you can contribute please contact Emmanuel Jones at

Become a Business Sponsor

Mentor2Youth is looking for businesses to engage on an administrative level. There are opportunities available for your business to have an impact in the local community through working with us.

1. Serve on our Board
2. Become an internship site
3. Donate Office Equipment

To learn more about sponsoring, please contact Emmanuel at